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Refusing to Negotiate?

One common mistake that some sellers make is believing that the price they need or want for their property automatically makes it worth more. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Spring Housing Market Update

Many sellers are finally realising that the properties they want to buy are also becoming more realistic on price. This new understanding of the adjustments in prices is allowing the flow of house transactions to continue, albeit at lower prices.

Why isn’t your property selling?

Why isn’t your property selling?  All agents are the same right?  Wrong!

Interest rates!  What’s happening?

Recent interest rate rises in England have indeed caused house prices to come down, with many experts suggesting that they have already droped an average of 6% from where they were at the height of the market last year.

Market update

I’m often asked the question, what’s the property market like? Or what’s the property market doing? So lets take a look and find out..