A good front door sets the tone for the rest of the house and will help it stand out in a buyers mind.

Published 24th November 2019


Make sure your kitchen looks incredible.

Our stats show that it’s the most clicked-on room when a property is shown online.


Bring the outside in

Especially if you have no garden, with house plants and window boxes.


Get another opinion

Get close friends and family to give you a few home truths then get sprucing.


Make it smell amazing

People instinctively use all their senses to judge a property, not just their eyes. Make sure it smells great for viewings and avoid noisy times of day – so clear out kids and dogs.


Make a list

: Write a list of things that you love about your home, especially things that people doing a one off viewing might not be able to appreciate. This might be sunsets out of a certain window, the local shop or a great neighbour. Make sure your agent mentions them to people when they are viewing.


Be legally prepared

Boring but essential, make sure you get your paper work in order before you go on the market. Engage a solicitor before you list. Perhaps your estate agent can make a recommendation. Get down to the nitty gritty and familiarise yourself with terms like freehold and transfer documents.


Get painting

Decorate with muted tones but apply bursts of uplifting colour such as bright prints or colourful cushions.


Check your angles

Work out your homes best angles (rear façade? Front façade? Living room? Make sure its photographed at a time of day that shows it in its best light. It goes without saying that you should take pictures on a bad weather day.


Let there be light

Give the windows a good clean to make the most of your properties natural light.


First impressions count

Paint your front door, choose the colour carefully (don’t be afraid to be bold – we love green!) and go for a beautifully designed name or number. A good door sets the tone for the rest of the house and will help it stand out in their mind.