Reasons to sell with Abshot Estates

Sell with Abshot Estates.

Are you looking for a new estate agent?

You will have a wide range of options available to you when picking an Estate Agent to sell your home. And, although we believe we could give you many reasons to sell with Abshot Estates, we would like to give you our top three.

  1. You will have one point of contact throughout

When you sell your home with Abshot Estates, you will have one point of contact throughout your transaction. The agent who visits you initially to value your house will also be the agent conducting your viewings, speaking to potential buyers and also dealing with the progression of your sale. Unlike traditional estate agents, who may have a team of staff carrying out the viewings and others dealing with feedback and progression, you will have one contact throughout. As well as this, our customer service is key. You can take a look at our reviews on Google to hear from our customers.

With this process, it allows us to get to know you, your circumstances and your home. We will discover the unique selling points of your home and help potential buyers fall in love with it the way you once did.

  1. We are self-employed business owners

As self-employed Partner Agents, we don’t receive a monthly salary and only get paid on results. Therefore, we are totally committed to helping you move and getting your property sold for the best possible price.

  1. Available to you 7 days a week

We work evenings and weekends 7 days a week to find a buyer for your property. We have manned phone lines until 10pm at night, live web chat and are also available via Whatsapp.

If you would like to find out more and arrange a chat a Partner Agent please get in contact today. We have offices in Fareham and Alresford, covering their surrounding areas.

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5 top tips for making your home look Instagram-worthy when selling and why it’s important.

5 top tips for making your home look Instagram-worthy when selling and why it’s important.

Make your home instagram worthy

It comes as no surprise that social media has reshaped our ideas on what is considered as the perfect home, and when our property is up for sale we all want it to look as good as possible in order to maximize its value and attract the right buyer. 

However, in the age of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, and their highly visual nature ‘looking good’ has taken on a whole new meaning.  It’s no longer just about decluttering the living room, baking fresh bread or putting on a pot of coffee.  Having a home that’s Instagram-worthy can significantly increase your chances of receiving a solid offer from a buyer.

The ‘buying state of mind.’

According to a recent study, 72% of users reported that they’ve made style-related purchases after seeing a product on Instagram.  Pinterest claim that users come to their platform in a “buying state of mind” and that Pinterest inspires them to shop even if they are not searching for something specific!

So by ensuring that your home is Instagram-worthy when your viewing takes place, buyers will arrive at your front door in a “buying state of mind”

Here are our 5 top tips

Stage your home

According to a large amount of studies, staging a home really can really help it sell faster and for more money.  Don’t forget to also spruce up your home’s curb appeal when staging the home.  After all, the outside of the home is the first thing potential buyers will see when they pull up for a viewing.  So make sure that the grass is cut and the garden is tidy.  Fortunately, staging your home’s interior can be easy and affordable with the right advice.  For more information we recommend speaking to our friends and Little Barn Door.    

Give your home a deep clean

First impressions are massively important.  So don’t let pet smells, dirty floors or dusty surfaces make a bad impression on a potential buyer.  Throughout the selling process, give your home a deep clean.  This means cleaning toilets, wiping down surfaces, mopping floors, cleaning rugs and scrubbing bathrooms.

Bring In More Colour

Generally you cant go wrong with a monochromatic or neutral look.  However it doesn’t hurt to bring in a little colour.  Swap out boring throws and pillows for some with bright patterns.  Create a feature wall in the room with a colour that makes you happy. Or embrace wallpaper that helps highlight other colourful details in the room.

Add Life to the Space

All properties look better with a bit of life in them. Plants and flowers inside are a great way of enhancing the look and feel of a home.  Just make sure you keep them watered and pruned throughout your time on the market.

Buy more light bulbs

When showing your home to potential buyers, all light fixtures and site lights will need to be turned on. This will create a warm homely feel. For this reason, it’s important that all lights in your home are properly working.  So go ahead and stock up on light bulbs.